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Mercer Jones & Co. arrange home insurance for private individuals for all types of home, whether home is a flat, maisonette, terraced, semi detached, detached, or one or more larger properties.
Mercer Jones are a great choice for arranging your Home Insurance. We bring a personal touch together with the advantage of speaking with a local independent and professional broker. Our friendly team are focused on delivering the best solution for you and we take the time to understand your precise needs.
We take the additional work from you, as we assess the market and recommend an appropriate solution, which means that you are spared the need to deal with call centres and automatic phone call stacking and similar distractions.
We will quote you a premium that we believe is competitive and we avoid confusing offers of percentage discounts or time discounts. We believe that the overall premium cost and value of the cover are the key elements in the transaction for our clients.
We are happy to meet with our Home Insurance clients at our offices to discuss any points that may arise and to provide insurance advice face to face if required. We find that the personal touch by telephone or meeting is valuable to our clients.
Our value is as a local broker providing a personal touch and time to provide advice and competitive quotations, not offering service via a computer or a telephone operative who may be based anywhere in the world.
We have access to a number of underwriters in the market offering a range of different policies and cover options in this area. Our policies offer standard cover, the option of Accidental Damage, discounts to reflect claim free or low claim experience and optional additional cover sections such as Legal Expenses, Travel Insurance, Identity Fraud Protection, Emergency Helplines and other added value services.
Our long experience of arranging ome insurance and wide market access means that we are well placed to provide solutions for difficult issues such as subsidence or increased flood exposure.
We enjoy excellent relationships with insurers so that we can negotiate with them on your behalf to overcome any issues that may arise. We are also able to access insurers who specialise in accepting risks which are more difficult to place elsewhere in the market.